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Single Origin Direct Trade

Lucatelli Verde is a specialty green coffee for roasters.  With a consistent cup score above 85 points, this coffee stands alone and also provides a fantastic base for your own blend.  We also supply gourmet and specialty Arabica in the 80-85 point range.  We can also source any grade and quantity of coffee which meets your specific needs. 


Lucatelli Verde is available in standard 60kg as well as easy-to-manage 30kg size.  Contact us for current price.

Flavors:  Peanut - Chocolate - Cocoa


ALTITUDE – 1270 meaters above sea level

LOCATION – Cristais Paulistas, Alta Mogiana. Sao Paulo

PROCESS – Natural sun dried process; 30 day rest period

CERTIFICATIONS – Rainforest Alliance certified, UTZ certified and Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC)

VARIETY – Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai

PACKAGING - GrainPro & Jute


Catuai was made by the Instituto Agronomico (IAC) of Sao Paulo State in Campinas, Brazil by crossing Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties. Catuai coffees are cultivated widely across Brazil, and are known for their high productivity potential. 


The Alta Mogiana Region where Lucatelli Verde is grown has a long heritage in coffee culture going back four generations.  The Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association, which promotes a greater conscience with regard to speciality coffee in the region as well as developing better farm practices, creates a culture of excellence for the farms in the Region.

La Fazendas de Lucatelli Verde are located in Cristais Paulistas in the Alta Mogiana Region.  The objective of the owners is to sustainably develop their region from a social and economic point of view.  The Alta Mogiana Region is one of the most traditional coffee producing regions in Brazil, with records of activity dating back as far as 1880, when the Alta Mogiana's history of coffee plantations interconnected with the history of Mogiana's railroad, laying the path for the development to come.

Over 120 years later, coffee is still one of the primary economic activities within the 23 municipalities that comprise the Alta Mogiana Region, with third and fourth generations of coffee producers preserving the cultivatted lands and taking pride in supporting their families by supplying the world with beans with distinct characteristics and unique in terms or aromas and flavors - a commitment that the Region intends to maintain for many years to come.

In 2013, Alta Mogiana received its Coffee Georgraphic Indication sign, recognizing the Region as a specialty coffee origin due to its terroir and knowledge in producing specialty coffee.  This reflects the Alta Mogiana Region's search for excellence in production and quality by cultimvating authentic partnerships and promoting continuous growth for the Region and its partners.  Excellence, quality and partnerships that will be found in coffees that carry with them the Origin & Quality Stamp of the Alta Mogiana Region.

Lucatelli is committed not only to the farmers but also to the farm workers.  Because of our determination to improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in your coffee supply chain, we will donate a portion of the profits from your order in your name to literacy education for the children of the farm workers.  Doing good is good business!

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Do you know which farm produces the green coffee beans you are buying?  If not, why not?  Why is your supplier not revealing this information?  Can you see how knowing this information can make it possible to verify the quality of your product, and the integrity of the business practices of the farm?  Lucatelli Trading works directly with the farm.


What is the cup rating of your green coffee beans?  If you don't know, then the quality of the beans you've been buying is probably inferior.  If you know, are you certain the test was performed by a qualified, certified quality tester?  Which standard was used?  Lucatelli offers beans with a cup rating above 85.


Have you tested your current supplier's green coffee beans using all five of your senses?  Do the beans have a similar size, shape and color?  Do they look even and bright, or white and faded?  Do they smell fermented?  Do they feel brittle or glass-like to the touch?  If so, they've been over-dryed.  Are they pliable to the touch?  If so, they haven't been dried enough and mold is likely to be present.


What is the coffee drying process at the coffee estate?  Improper drying on patios or in mechanical dryers can usually be observed visually.  Rapid drying in mechanical dryers results in dull or brown coffees. Make sure they process the coffee estate is processing green coffee beans immediately upon harvesting.  Otherwise you are guaranteed a fermented cup since coffee begins fermenting immediately upon picking.  Ask how they use the fermentation tanks and why?  Do they separate out coffees that float to the top of the tanks during fermentation?  After pulping, do they separate coffees by density before they add them to the tanks?  Only coffee estates that have dedicated a significant amount of time to improving coffee quality will know why these steps are important and necessary.


Suppliers cannot arbitrarily place a designation "Specialty Grade Coffee" on their beans unless they meet specific, stringent qualifications.  Specialty coffee is a term used to refer to coffee that has scored over 80 points on a 100 point scale by the SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America).  There must be no primary defects.  The moisture content must be between 9% and 13%.  The coffee must exhibit a distinct attribute in one or more of the following areas: taste, acidity, body, or aroma.  Lucatelli green coffee beans meet this standard.