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June Brazilian Coffee Shipments Soar

Brazilian exports of coffee beans in June reached 1,347,153 bags of 60 kilos in the month until the second week, with 8 working days computed (daily average of 168,395 bags), with revenue reaching US$ 317.506 million (daily average of US$ 39.688 million), and an average price of US$ 235.69 per bag.

The average daily revenue obtained from exports of coffee beans in June is so far 104.1% higher compared to the daily average of June 2021, which was US$ 19.444 million. The average daily volume shipped is 21.7% higher than that of June 2021, which had an average daily record of 138,332 bags. The average price, in turn, shot up 67.7%.

Prices are higher, volumes are higher, average daily revenues are higher.

Source: Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex).

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