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Lua Nova, Typ 4/5, Size Peaberries (moka)

Lua Nova, Typ 4/5, Size Peaberries (moka)


The Peaberry is a delicacy, packed with rich flavor.  It has to be roasted in its own particular way.  IYKYK.  Our peaberry is loved dearly by many of our customers, and for this reason it's back on offer!


They are only found in 5% of the crop and are removed manually. The flavor of the peaberry is of a finer quality than the rest of the crop and is desired by coffee connoisseurs.


Many Western coffee roasters are preoccupied with the size of the bean, so the peaberry is often overloooked.  In actual fact, its small size means there is much richer flavor packed into a much smaller package, so the flavor per pound is greater than larger beans.

    1 Pound
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